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Wintermute is a distinct entity from the physical mainframe; its mind is only a part of another "potential entity", an aspect of its brain.

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It would be nice to be able to prune all unused images

Definately, from an ethical point if view.

I agree with Singer and Ryder, that speciesism is a form oft racism.

I have no idea how to respond to such a childish comment.
You can discuss whatever you want, but if you keep insulting people, you’ll just get banned, it’s that simple.

even if you ban this account,

Which I will probably do on the next incident

which is one of many

dealing with ban evasion / multi accounts is just a hassle, not a problem

Insult the ideology, you will find yourself dealing with me

Like this?


I didn’t want to post the harsh ones, cause the have been moderated for a reason.

If you insult me based on personal characteristics, go right on ahead.

Sorry, but I’m just not like you.

I’m very toxic to those who are dumb.

then, conversely, you shouldn’t have a problem if I insult you

due to your constant insults, you belong to the narrow circle of toxic, antisocial users

Lemmy takes very little resources, it should run on a RPI, just give it a try : )

you could also free up space on pictrs docker exec -it YOUR_PICTRS_CONTAINER /bin/sh -c "rm /tmp/magick-*"

you could truncate -s 0 /var/lib/docker/containers/*/*-json.log (which might break logs currently being written), configure logging via docker-compose.yml, or even better /etc/docker/daemon.json

I do

  • remove pictrs temp files /tmp/magick-*
  • recompress overly large image files
  • truncate docker logs which frees up a lot of space