non-diegetic screams

We believe that the Anarchists are real enemies of Marxism. Accordingly, we also hold that a real struggle must be waged against real enemies

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Homie is anti-lgbtq. There is not a polite way to express that someone shouldn’t exist.

The fact that you think there is says more about you than you may think it does.

It is absolutely insane that you’re more interested in politeness to oppressers than the oppressed.

Like, you’re anti-immigrant and anti-lgbtq?

You might not get banned, but I hope everyone’s horrifically mean if you express those sentiments.

Were you lying when you said you “base on history agreed by historians all over the world.”?

Are you the only one who approves who is a historian?

If your position is agreed on only by every historian who agrees with you, why do you assume it’s universal?

He was ruling the country back then.

No he wasn’t. “Anything asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence”.

What's your favorite work of Stalin's?

I’ve got a soft spot for “Dialectical and Historical Materialism” (though I can’t claim I understand it all), but I remember liking the letter where he admonishes a comrade for calling themself a “Stalinist”. I wish I could remember which one that was!