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I can imagine a scenario where I would be a citizen of a sort of large commune. That would be without a state.

Yes, but a draft obv is shit, so it also is shit to women.

I think if this would replace AP in some way or push AP into a corner with less users, then it’s pretty bad. Even if the protocol were way better, I don’t trust that they wouldn’t do changes that aren’t in the users interests.

Also this thread with all the spam in it is a pretty strong argument against your point I think.

If a hobby project by a person would launder code of huge corporations this would never be allowed.

Taking this to an extreme example like illegal content you could see how it wouldn’t work well. Nobody would want to have to moderate their whole network for illegal content by themselves.

oh no :(

It’s always sad to think of the server culture that is going to go, the people that need to find a new fediverse home.

But I fear this is just part of heaving resilient and decentralized networks.

why do you think are touchscreens not standard for laptops?

not even apple uses them. I’d like to sometimes point and click on my linux machine. With my finger. What’s wrong with that, it seems to work well on all the smartphones out there…


What are your feeling concerning Lemmy today?

I like it a lot. I come here often, it’s a good addition to my reddit use, it has some nice people and some interesting content. …


They will be freed from the eternal greed that will always cloud the judgement of big corporations. …


Dutch government requires you to use Android or iOS to use digital infrastructure

Dutch digital identity verification system DigiD has announced the phasing out SMS as second factor. That way they require citizens to install a smartphone app in order to use digital services from the government, municipalities, the health sector and others. These applications only work on iOS and…