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afaik it was just a mirror of libgen.

The libgen torrent can be found easly to seed. There was a large effort on reddit to seed everything a few year back.

It should be illegal to sell device connected to the internet without long term security update.

All of that is pretty much useless if you dont have access to a wifi.

Op want a place to express their prejudice as you stated a bigot.

Per your definition being intolerant of persons that explicitly state their bigotry doesn’t make you a bigot…

As far as i understand this is a client side implementation. So it’s verifiable.

Yhea they’re improving quite a lot, it’s great to read. Do they encrypt metadata now?

What you wrote is simply wrong.

Signal encrypt metadata to the best of their capacity. On the contrary matrix, xmpp, telegram, WhatsApp don’t (unless sth changed since last year)

For example on my matrix server I could read the IP, username and time of each message.


And yes signal is far from perfect and moxie view on some key point such as centralization are not mine. Still it’s solid software .

Element had a lot of issue last time i’ve tested it: push notification issue, convulated ui, e2e encryption disabled by default, slow server.

I had my own server for a while for my SO and I and we often missed each other messages plus the client was draining my phone battery.

I love the briding capacity of matrix, I woulf like to spend an evening setting that up in order to aggregate all those messaging apps but I’m afraid it’s not worth it.


I can almost exclusively chat with my social circle with signal now, been using it since 8-9 years.

I’ve tried xmpp, matrix and some other. Signal is the only one that stuck, it’s not perfect but it’s fucking fine from my perspective.

What a shit way to live indeed.

Remind me when France forced protonmail to disclose IP addresses of climate activist (I think high school students).

Those governements are literally fighting for climate change, neoliberalism must be protected at all cost…

Such surveillance law were never passed to save the children or prevent terrorism.

If you’re using a centralised sync system keepass allow keyfiles.

I use passphrase + keyfile. And I don’t sync the keyfile only copy it manually.

An app like redreader is faster on my old phone than any browser option and doesn’t require login either. However it doesn’t proxy my browsing…