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Might be about the .ml Domain. Since it’s free it is often abused by malware.

Zlib and LibGen if you are willing to set sails 🏴‍☠️

Gccgo generated faster code anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Unfortunately gcc does not come with an alternative to go and dependency management.

political differences

My sensationalist brain is curious about this one.

It’s mixed. Sometimes we use literal translations (e.g. computer -> Rechner, window -> Fenster, operating system -> Betriebssystem). For other terms we stick to the English one (e.g. software, bug, chip, browser, email).

I’ve quite enjoyed Kagi but I kinda doubt they’ll be around for long.

Perhaps. In a blog post they shared they would currently cover their technical expenses with their income but not the wages, which is a shame in my opinion. A clear business model that does not rely on ads and tracking makes me feel better using it.

There is currently no way to block whole instances as a user and it seems like this feature will not come anytime soon. So it’s either self hosting for full control or choose an instance that blocks the unwanted instances. Alternatively you could just block the communities of unwanted instances.

There has been an article that deals better and less click-baity with that claim. Spoiler: there is not much evidence that Apple performs CP detection.


Are we talking about terminal emulators or cli/tui apps? In the first case it’d be foot for me.

LBRY Inc. noted that while the company is on its last legs, the underlying protocol and blockchain behind the content platform will carry on.

- cointelegraph

So the company will cede to exist but due to the decentralized nature of blockchains it is likely the content will remain there as long as there are peers with a copy of the blockchain and torrent files.

Regarding the app I’d guess volunteers will keep developing it.

“regret” aka getting bribed by Microsoft. Or alternatively the personel being unwilling to adapt to changes.

All I can think of is that in the latest season it is shown that an American super hero was captured by the Soviets in the 80s(?) and held captive (well, more like cryosleep) until today.

It is probably in their interest that domestic companies are not vulnerable to external attackers.

I recently had the problem that content wasn’t federated too at https://veganbtw.net/c/veg_discussion and https://feddit.de/c/veg_discussion@veganbtw.net.

In the past there was a similar issue where one instance had too few workers allocated to “pushing” the changes to other instances, so maybe an instance specific problem?


EDIT: maybe also just overloaded because of the new members from the kuketzblog community?