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edit: “I see fascism as actually killing the Jews, that’s entirely unrelated to all of these Jewish caricatures that my buddies have been passing around the Weimar Republic.”

Wolfballs maintains a pro Jewish stance. I have been called a friend to the Jews. I kinda consider myself a honorary Jew. Shalom!. In all seriousness Nazis have made huge blog videos explaining how i’m controlled by the Jews and not to use my instance, I’ve banned Australian Nazi’s for posting anti Jewish propaganda all over the site. I’ve made a policy where if a community starts sharing a bunch of jew memes I will mark it as offensive and hide it from users not logged in and subscribed. and I’ve told my instance I will shut down before becoming a nazi instance. I actually lost dozens of users over that. I really don’t know what more you want on the matter. I can’t censor people for offering alternative opinions when they back it up with sources and aren’t being offensive. Thats why they aren’t on reddit.

IMO I think we can all agree big tech is evil and should work towards weakening them and then go back to arguing semantics after they are defeated.

I’m bowing out now. Any future post/comments will be contributions to the lemmy ecosystem if anything at all.

I would prefer not to get into a argument because like you just demonstrated it’s so easy for things to be taken out of context.

If you define it as white people being replaced in white nations there’s no denying it’s real

I was mentioning numbers in a argument someone else brought up. If you read more you would have seen that I was arguing against the actual theory as defined by Mr Shapiro. There is always shifting demographics in countries with high levels of immigration.

“I’m not anti-immigration at all just anti-replacement”

Very much taken out of context. I am against the intentional destruction of cultures like the nazi’s tried to do to the Jews. Or native Americans in the US. If it happens naturally I don’t care.

“I have two children . . . I’m hoping to get three so at least we get above replacement levels.”

This is in regards to world wide population decline not trying to save light skinned people. Like I said my children are mixed so I don’t care.

So as you can see I am neither racist, nor promoting a “replacement theory”.

You are welcome to come by my instance and we can have a bigger discussion on these topics I would prefer to respect the admins here and not fill up comments with stuff like this.

"How do you define a women

A women is defined as x chromosomes and no tallywhacker i.e probably not you"

There’s fucking anti LGBTQ shit right in the goddamn sidebar

I have removed it because you seem to feel it offends you. No one even asked me to remove it. I also didn’t mean for it to be anti alphabet just to set a light hearted mood. Our site is literally a dick joke. It’s not meant to be taken seriously. And all are welcome including the alphabet.

he personally believes in Great Replacement.

?. Where are you getting this? My own children are mixed. If I cared about a “replacement” I would not have committed decades to raising mixed kids. If I said anything on the matter maybe I said in some countries one ethnicity is being reduced. I believe in provable numbers not a grand conspiracy.

edit: people telling me this is fake so i’m removing it. It was personal

I’ll try not to comment here to not stir up trouble.

You may express those ideas respectfully at however I also allow pro immigrant and pro lgbt content as well.

I also offer free tech support for setting up your own instance.

Big tech censor ship hurts us all.

Just want to say thanks to the developers and admins

You guys are doing a good job. I see some instance arguing. That will just bring more people to the fediverse. People like drama. Keep up the good work…


Not sure how that would work. Would you want all users from that instance blocked? Or just communities from that instance that you aren’t subscribed to blocked? Have a blocked instance section in profile settings?

Or would you want instance admins to be able to block instances from all unless subscribed to.

Nice, I just tested it out. It’s fast. Probably because all the assets are local. I see you used handlebars for templates. I’ve been playing with tera and it’s pretty decent to. I have my email subscription service running with that

What made you use rocket instead of actix? Just to try a different framework?

Thank you. This will really help people who like rust to learn about activitypub. It’s a hard topic to understand.

Contrast somewhere like which (currently) doesn’t have a monoculture of narrow political views

It also doesn’t have many post yet. They do alright. Does seem to be ran my pretty left of center but they are fair to all opinions. Which is all one can ask for.

I am curious as to why you say free speech would be better without anonymity.

The concept of free speech comes from the real world. Any man can go to the public square, stand on a bucket and say what ever he wants. He can scream about corrupt politicians, judges, laws. And people can come listen to him. That freedom keeps people from doing evil things. Eventually others will start screaming too. Then pitchforks, then things start to change.

That doesn’t translate into the digital space well.

  1. It’s easy to make 10 accounts and make it look like 10 people screaming in the square. This gives the allusion on consensus. (Which is a powerful tool btw. Humans seem to be hard wired to believe consensus). This is not possible without anonymity. One real person would map to one digital person.

  2. Feedback. A real person Cares about what other people think about them. A anonymous person doesn’t care because he can create a new identity tomorrow. If a real person screams a lie, no one will listen to him tomorrow. A anonymous person will just create a new identity and do it again.

  3. People who just make a anon accounts to post mean things on freespeech forums. And then if you ban them they scream censorship everywhere. If it was a real person they wouldn’t do that. They would reserve themselves to say something that really mattered to them.

  4. Bots

Yeah I don’t have it all figured out. I’m not happy with censorship so I want a very low censorship space. And if something offends me I can use the downvote/block feature and use communities where I don’t see that content. Its not perfect. People have multiple accounts.

Free speech would probably work best where there is no anonymity.

In the real world our speech is limited by our need to be accepted socially.

An alt-right trumpster fire.

It’s meant to be more of a freespeech instance than anything else and for what it is worth I am fairly anti alt-right myself but it too has a hard time maintaining a diverse ideological spectrum.

although I haven’t checked to see if they did).

I have a few times. see

and I’ll try to when ever I have time. I can’t work on this full time like this site’s admins.

We are actually antifascist at wolfballs. Just in a different way. (not antifa) I am libertarian and I try to offer a more freedom oriented approach which some find offensive. You are right it attracts extremist from time to time. I’m not perfect but I’ve stated on my own site we are very against Nazism.

I’ll see if I can convince them to shit post on my instance instead of ddosing you guys.

I’m sure I’ll be ddosed when election season comes.

Edit: actually those guys hate ancaps which is pretty much how I would define my instance.

How to make custom changes to a lemmy code base and deploy it to your instance. A video walk through.

Saw someone on github ask for a video on making changes to lemmy to edit their instance. I had a few minutes today and made a video. I hope someone finds this useful. …


Most never leave the United States so don’t have much to compare it to. But to be fair it’s a huge place. Also guns, steak , and big titties.