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I’ll never be happy

Hmmm. I’m thinking maybe that phantom movie that was in your jf library was originally not in it’s own movie directory but in the root of your movies folder. It’s maybe possible that jellyfin then deleted the entire root directory of that movie when you hit delete, which would be your root movies folder.

Never heard of this happening before but it’s conceivably possible. Was the entire movie directory deleted or just everything inside it?

If you have a piece if media in your jf library and its been deleted from disk, the first thing you should do is run a library scan which should remove any deleted files from your library.

Where exactly did you click ‘remove media’? I can’t find that anywhere, the only thing close to that is ‘delete media’ which will obviously delete the file. If you dont want jellyfin to be able to delete files, you can set your file permissions to disallow write access to groups/all and run jellyfin as a different user than the owner of the file. Just make sure it still has read access to your files.

I can’t quite figure out how it deleted all of your movies in that library. Did you click the remove option in the library page under the dashboard? I dont think that should actually delete your files, just remove the library from jf.

lol rule #2 be respectful to transphobes

Is piracy scene so small nowadays that this kind of bickering between two people is shaking it in its entirety?

apparently. also video game piracy scene seems to attract the worst elements of the gamer scene in general. I never really venture beyond GGN as they pretty much have everything I could ever need and a very good community. Also I just stick with downloading console games, if a AAA release is good enough to play then I’ll pay for it.

hahah ok i was dumb. i was only setting it in the ‘languages’ list. i didnt realize there were two different values for language. weird. i can now see older comments.

HOWEVER now i cant comment on that mastodon post and get “language not allowed”. what a clusterfuck

yeah. do you have your language preference set in your profile?

says 33 comments on your profile but i can only view two.

yeah apparently mastodon users get accounts when they post? that doesnt seem right.

now that you found the link i tried posting from the browser. it says its posted but i honestly have no idea since comments seem to depend on which frontend you’re using to post/view

also cant see a ton of older comments since i changed my profile language.

Its pretty much the only post with 100+ upvotes

Oh apparently its a mastodon post. The link didn’t open mastodon it just loaded the original post and comments in jerboa. I assume the upvotes are likes on mastodon. That’s gonna end up screwing up internal content metrics vs rando mastodon likes, IMO. Also viewing mastodon accounts as Lemmy accounts is really weird. How are you supposed to know who’s from where?

Anyway, it seems to be one way as in theres no way to post to the original mastodon post, just view the thread in Lemmy. Kinda weird.

Also weird, now I can’t seem to find the original post anywhere after setting my language to English, nor any of my previous posts… Wtf?

Also example of markup in the titles on jerboa …


The whole *arr suite is good stuff I highly recommend

FYI if you’re using jellyfin and find the interface not to your liking, the kodi jellyfin plugin integrates your jellyfin library into kodi movies/tv/etc categories. I just started using it and its very cool

Oh this instance needs new account approval? I didn’t know that.

Nope. Tried removing default language and setting English as default. Still can’t see comments on instances other than

Yeah the chat function is a mess and I still can’t get omemo working with xmpp. Granted, I kinda gave up on it.

I can read local instance comments but not remote instances comments. The fdroid version doesn’t show any comments at all (0.0.24)

I assume its because the other instances have yet to update/migrate the dbs

Is it an intended 'feature' of lemmy to restrict users ability to make comments when blocked by OP?

so this CHEF-KOCH guy banned and deleted my comments from his community. I messaged to ask why and he blocked me from messaging him. He recently made a post in /c/linux and i am unable to comment on the post of any of the comments to the post. …


How do I remove from c/all

It’s just a bunch of tankies shitposting for mao. how do i stop seeing these idiot posts?..