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Yep, some accounts tweet like 30 times a day, just subscribing to a few accounts can be a full time job.

Twitter does a decent job of filtering out a lot of that noise and showing more viral posts that accounts I follow liked. Of course they also slam in advertising, and the rage-inducing “engagement” posts too.

When I upgrade lemmy-ui to a newer version of bootstrap, I’ll likely auto-generate the themes, and they won’t have as many issues.

In the meantime tho, I just have too much other work to do than to maintain themes.

There’s an open issue for that, but it’ll pry be a bit before I can get to it.

Matrix / element or XMPP. I’ve been using it for years now both for friends / fam, and for group chats.

Idea for a Lemmy project: Create a stackoverflow style front-end for lemmy.

In the same way that Nutomic built a phpBB themed front end, it would be entirely possible to create a stack-overflow type one, as many of the same concepts translate over…


NLNet (the same org that funds lemmy development and a lot of other great open-source projects), has funded to make gitea federated, but so far there hasn’t been much movement on it afaik.

Gitea is already far better than github, but because it lacks federation, you have to make tons of accounts on each different server.

I do like codeberg a lot, but unfortunately they are harsh with taking down torrent-related projects. I had to move a few of my repos off there bc of it.

No, you can only use one account at one time. You can always subscribe to federated communities from either account tho.

Looks like its this issue: https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa/issues/238

I’ll start another build, but f-droid takes about a week for builds, so you can download the apk linked in that thread until then.

Jerboa F-droid version 0.0.19 is now optimized

I figured out the f-droid version wasn’t using a minified / optimized version of jerboa. It should be must faster now…


You might have to re-log in for that to work. Its a known issue.

Open up an issue on the github, with a crash report especially.

Seconding this, we would never allow admins or mods to edit users posts or comments. I see no reason why the mod can’t just ask the user, or remove the post.

What’s Changed


Changelog: …


Someone made a RTL Arabic lemmy!

Could someone who speaks Arabic please contact them? I’d love to get those changes incorporated into lemmy-ui…


They gone. Report those ones and we’ll get to them as soon as we can.

Welcome to Lemmy, I’m one of the devs and admins for this instance. …



  • Adding link from text selection. Fixes #105 (#107)
  • Remember saved text for markdown areas. Fixes #104

  • Adding a markdown helper. Fixes #38
  • Show comment upvote count when there are downvotes. Fixes #97