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P2P can be disabled everywhere in your account settings, I’m not sure about when you are not logged in tho, you should open an enanchement issue on github about it

Do you know any opensource tool to generate 3D buildings?

Something compatible with blender would be nice…


You’re sharing your IP with groups of strangers and the government everytime you watch a video.

People don’t know that’s what’s happening when using peertube they are just visiting a site in their mind.

P2P nature of peertube stops me

You can disable p2p video streaming in your instance if it worries you.

People know they are sharing their IP because there is a disclamer active in most instances.

I don’t personally see a better alternative and IP can be masked in many ways.

Good article but the title is a click bait, it should have been “why activitypub sucks”. The fediverse is not stuck, the implementation might suck but it’s in active development and is even becoming a bit “mainstream”

Unfortunately most instances don’t support OpenID, I’d love to have a unique account for the fediverse, registering every time I wanna try something is such a waste of time.

doing regular excercises every day for at least an hour

here is my list:

it doesn’t make sense either because there is a specifc setting for that, people can upload video that are not viewable outside the instance.

Yes, and doesn’t seem in active development at the moment, I switched to jerboa


the full list of configs is here https://join-lemmy.org/docs/en/administration/configuration.html if there is not what you’re looking for you’ll probably need to open a feature request on GH

I don’t really get it, for the communities I tried now and it kinda works, it sometime takes time and I have to refresh the page but https://lemmy.wiredentrypoint.xyz/c/peertube@lemmy.ml is still empty, even https://lemmy.wiredentrypoint.xyz/c/meta@lemmy.ml didn’t load much https://pastebin.com/Yc11mS79 here some logs with a “grep peertube”, no errors in the latest logs

What seedbox do you use and how much do you spend each month?

I wanted to deploy a private *arr server, I’m not too interested in having a huge storage space, I would probably just permanentelly save music (converted in .ogg) and stream and delete movies. I’d like to have a cheap VPS with full access…


I think so or I have some issues in my config, when I loaded lemmy.ml/c/piracy and lemmy.ml/c/meta from here for the first time they were empty

Yup, I’m facing the same issue, searching things in foreign instances doesn’t really work right now

Are you going to finally make it the “original main” instance? lemmy.org as I already suggested on matrix should do the job. and for the hosting cost I’m sure the community will help and it would be quite low anyway.

mh, it doesn’t seem to work then :0, maybe it fetches by time and not by last posts? so for instance if I look for a community without recent posts I get nothing?

How to I fetch all communities from a remote instance?

this is a continuation of https://lemmy.ml/post/204080 (btw is there no way to tag this with a universal tag something like @lemmy.ml/c/meta/POSTIDHERE?) …


Do you see this post from a remote instance?

I can’t see posts from my instance, how does federation work with lemmy?..