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I just migrated myself and family from gmail/google-calendar to proton. Now I wish I had done Tutanota instead. But too tired to do another migration just now. Anyway Proton is an improvement over Google.

This can’t be GDPR compliant.

Also I doubt they can do this with https traffic.

interesting: the largest instance (by far) does not federate.

What’s hexbear? It looks like the biggest instance, but doesn’t show up on my feed.

The current leadership at Mozilla is unfortunately running it to the ground. It’s sad to watch. Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker takes home millions in salary as Firefox’s user share continues to drop.

One of the guys behind Brave is Brendan Eich, a Mozilla veteran from the days when Mozilla was sane.

I don’t see the point of Duckduckgo browser in a world where Firefox exists.

The problem with Google is that it integrates with many different services. Google doesn’t just know what you searched online. It can also link your search history with your payments, the videos you watched or your gps location. It aggregates everything about you in one place.

Duckduckgo can’t do that. Fragmentation of services is great.

I’m still waiting for the mobile client to be available on F-Droid.

These daya anyone who voices an opinion against the consensus is called a Russian bot.

I am really disturbed by what Duckduckgo has been doing lately. That being said, they are better than Google.

I prefer codeberg, but gitlab is also cool.

Actually, they are cracking down on account and password sharing. Which is the same thing…


Is there a way to remove certain high-traffic instances from my "All" feed?

Lemmygrad has more traffic than most other instances and drowning everything else in my “All” feed. Is there a way to remove them from my “All” feed?..