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Curious about what this means… Are they trying to port everything over or is it going to be a simpler email app under the thunderbird brand? Either way I think it’s a cool idea.

It might not be on the same level of “easy and quick” as some of the other suggestions here but chili is really simple once you get the hang of it and you can kinda just dump random things from around your kitchen in and make a large amount of food relatively quickly and without a ton of effort.

also you can easily add more protein with some deli meat, not super budget but its definitely easy

yep federation is working amazingly well. I can browse and interact with this post even though it’s on another lemmy instance without even noticing.

I hope this goes through, it would be great to have another major instance doing it’s own thing and would help avoid the semi-problem of being the de-facto instance with the most activity by far. As it is hexbear has locked new comm creation, which if brought over through the lemmy migration would incentivize using existing communities on other lemmy instances.