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The Tor implementation on Brave is not for serious use cases and I would only use it for general things.

Additionally you can use regular firefox to view onions with a few simple steps try googling it. Once again this wouldn’t be for serious use cases and you lose all the protections Tor browser provides.

if that’s even possible

Nested virtualization is possible with supported software AND hardware, a lot of consumer products lack the hardware to make it happen though and even then still inefficient. I’ve tried in the past and I get an error plainly stating I can’t run hypervisors within a hypervisor. The concept has been around for a while especially with large corporations like VMware and IBM.

it has a significant learning curve last time I checked

It’s a learning curve but if you can manage virtualbox it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out Qube manager. The latest 4.1 release is definitely the best one thus far for stability and ease of use since the automatically updater actually works!

How Can I Use 2 Lemmy Front Ends for a Single Backend?

I understand this isn’t supported. …


Sex cannot be differentiated from rape

Well that’s pretty fucking terrifying.

and while such laws remain, men are gonna be frustrated since sex is an evolutionary desire which cannot be removed

They exist now and I’m not getting frustrated. Maybe not so universal you know? Do you believe that the disparity in young men getting laid is related to laws against rape and stalking and not the fact woman are getting stalked and raped to begin with?

You can definitely do plain text but your phone might not support it without an additional application which seems silly but they didn’t work on my s9. URLs only.

6.95$ a month? Sign me up! It was going cost me more than that to do it on my own I’m pretty sure.

So you could use this technology to track and predict police movements too eh? Hmmmmmmmmm

Technology like this poses a unique challenge because it’s impossible to actually stop people from doing it if they want to. It’s just a camera pointing outside and software in the end. Obviously more regulations (with real consequences) need to be enforced because of how easily it can be abused by police but that’s what we do (or should do?) for all powers we give them.

How do we stop police from doing what anybody with a little tech experience can do? Even if we did legislate it out but then someone is publicly doing it with no explicit purpose, are the police allowed to use it too? How could you ever stop them?

At the opposite end of the spectrum I often think about modern safer ways of policing and one of those ways is to limit police interactions when possible. Why should I get pulled over for a speeding ticket or busted headlight? Take the data, have it verified by actual legal scholars (rather than empowered thugs) and send me the ticket in the mail. Why should the cop in the car ever be notified this is happening?

Like always, technology poses new risks and benefits that should be explored.

XMPP+OMEMO or OTR is a great alternative, lots of people use it in the DNM realm.

I didn’t explain myself very well but yes they do require a phone number. What I meant was you can use any VoIP number with Signal and it’s fine, TextNow or any service that lets you retain the number works.

You can use VoIP with Signal so it’s not much of an issue.

I was unaware you could disable that until now, I haven’t taken a deeper look into peertube in a while so it may have been before the feature. They added the client toggle about 2 years ago

That does make me more positive on it. I did some testing now visiting instances and it does appear the vast majority have it enabled by default (everyone I looked at) and the warning message about it only appears when you’re watching a video so too little too late for me. The warning message is also just a tiny bar along the bottom, I didn’t even notice it for a while and I thought there wasn’t any warnings, if you fullscreen right after starting the video you’d never see it.

Definitely better than I initially stated but I still think the P2P part needs more explicit opt in with the possibility of throttling connections if they decline to be fair to the admins.

The only other alternative is something like which is based on LBRY a crypto so not exactly my 1st choice but it does have the benefit of offloading the P2P portion to the service hoster. Modern video content is so large that it makes serving and storage of the content a massive overhead so I understand the need for P2P for sure but I think it should be more explicit in how it happens.

Well I stand corrected, thanks for the info! Definitely the better option to default too.

How the fuck is peertube privacy compliant especially when the gov is running it? You’re sharing your IP with groups of strangers and the government everytime you watch a video. You’ve went from one corporate point of failure all the way to handing your data directly the government and everyone with internet access theoretically which includes the corporations!

I’ve wanted to setup a video site for a while since DMT extraction videos keep getting removed along with other chemistry stuff but the P2P nature of peertube stops me. People don’t know that’s what’s happening when using peertube they are just visiting a site in their mind.

You can view users from mastodon I know that!

Lemmy would be great for that. Already has all the configs so you can make the instance private and use the registration application for access codewords.

There is a rumor that admins can read your direct messages. This is essentially true. In essence, if someone hosts their own instance they can always look in their own database. But the general working of the software is that admins can only read if someone reports content to them. Anyway, this is a good reminder to never use direct messages for sensitive information, on any social media system. And yes, dishonest people can also start Mastodon communities. Awareness is good for making informed choices.

Glad he called it out (although quite mildly) because this is something the general public won’t be ready for in social media. I say this is mild because at the worst end of the scale a malicious/racist/violent person who hates certain types of people could setup a server just for that and let it run as a paradise while collecting data on all the people who join. Email addresses, IP, local groups/meetups and if they were really motivated could probably turn off metadata stripping, literal goldmine of data if you run an instance

I’m not too keen on this whole SPREAD OUT AND JOIN THE INSTANCE THAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU because that sounds like a great way to force people into the hands of shitty (or as mentioned malicious) admins who don’t care if they shut down their instance one day without warning.

I think it’s more prudent to advise people to organize with their group and start their own instance which gives them more protections. Know your admins, a big benefit of the fediverse.

So what are trying to do? Remove the image, the container and/or the volume? Just a specific one or everything for lemmy?

Would also be helpful to know your end goal is here.

Run docker container inspect <container-name> and it will list any relevant file paths.

What is offensive is just a personal perspective so you’re gunna get mixed answers. Ultimately it will always come down to what the person meant by it and how the other person perceives it, by default that is a mixed bag of emotions and reactions.

I’ll note that I do something I call synonym panic where I get to a keyword in a sentence and I kind of blank, start struggling for words then start cycling through all the possible words I could use it and often land on some pretty odd sentences. Referring to the ‘past’ as the ‘back-timies’ as a prime example or more commonly just saying the ‘stuff’ or ‘things’ because I’m afraid I’m about to choose the wrong word.

I’ve been messing around with a self-hosted ELK stack and am curious on using it’s APM for lemmy. I would have to setup another server to do this it seems so I’d like to get some insight into what others are doing. …


What's your pro-tip for using Lemmy? I'll go 1st!

Using Lemmy from a personal instance requires a little bit of work if you wanna start federating with the wider ecosystem and personalize your content. You just simply copy/paste the URL of the community you wanna view into your instances search bar and BOOM! We’re federating. …