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So, you experienced it during the first videos you watched but developed a tolerance as you kept watching them?

Interesting! Flakey pastry sounds do nothing for me, but they are indeed very characteristic.

I sleep like a baby during thunderstorms, they are very relaxing.

Interesting! Can you do that on purpose, or it happens when you contract the muscles in just the right way by accident?

Have you experienced ASMR?

ASMR’ - or ‘Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response’ exploded in popularity a few years ago as the ASMR youtube channels emerged. …


No. Many users never interact after approval, even if I approve right away.

I had issues while trying to setup the e-mail notifications and never got back to it, so new users won’t get notified when I do approve them. It is possible that some of them never return to check - that is one of my guesses. Is your instance configured to send the e-mail notification?

I am thinking about those explanatory videos where they ask you to pause the video and try to find the answer yourself before continuing. I always pause and try - it is fun. But sometimes after several unsuccessful attempts I get frustrated and I just skip to the answer so that I can move on. It would be great to have this option with other things in life… I enjoy the process of learning via trial and error, but having an AGI next to me so that I can cheat a little bit from time to time would be great.

Just read some of the discussion over why this project was stopped.

the concerns of its usage by trolls has been far greater amongst the community.

It pains me, because at some level, I think it’s a useful and missing function, however it’s antithetical the values of the fediverse.

I am probably being dull, but I don’t get it. Why is having a search engine to search over the fediverse a bad thing? Why does that help trolls? And how is this antithetical to the values of the fediverse?

But if he doesn’t even try to lie about this, the situation is extra hopeless.

I don’t know if this mindset will hold true with the new owner of Twitter though. I would assume Elon will do far worse things with the data.

I don’t know much about Elon Musk. But he strikes me as someone who would want to extract as much value as possible from data, and not as someone who thinks user privacy is something important to protect. Is this a topic that he has publicly spoken about?

Up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine for first time offenders of copyright infringement. Come on 🤦

By the way, I meant is as in, it is more important to focus on getting the ‘form’ right rather than prioritizing carrying heavier weights or pushing the limits of the body to try to progress faster. Safety comes first!

I can’t think of any truly rare skill, but my semi-rare skills are:

  • I can identify many species of wild animals and plants (reading lots of field guides and taxonomy books)
  • I have research skills related to optics, chemistry, biochemistry, etc. (from academic studies up to PhD)
  • I can play my hands like a flute (lots of practice, to the detriment of those around me)
  • Clone and grow mushrooms (YouTube videos and online forums)
  • Put my legs behind my head (No idea. I am not very flexible but this specific thing I can just do)
  • I am currently working to develop my electronics skills by reading, watching videos, and building projects at home.

I have not tried to follow Meta’s journey as they try to create the VR Metaverse because it superficially just seems like an obviously bad idea with a lot of funding. It reminds me of how I felt the first time I saw an ad for Google Glass - I didn’t see how it would appeal the normal person to use it consistently as it is way too intrusive.

Maybe Meta understands something about the newer generations that I don’t, and people will embrace the virtual reality world with open arms. But wearing a headset to kind-of replicate normal experiences, while giving up a good amount of your ability to sense the actual environment around you, seems just super awkward. And that’s already problematic for virtual socializing. Requesting adults to wear this for work?? I would rather just come to the office.

One of the big economic arguments for the conservation species is bio-prospecting. When a species goes extinct, we lose the opportunity of learning about the potential biochemical and biomechanical tricks that the species might have. Conversely, if we are able to bring a species back from extinction we re-gain this potential. A large mammal like a mammoth has a good probability of teaching us some very valuable biology.

From the point of view of ethics, I consider it less unethical than breeding pugs to be sold as pets, which is a practice that the majority of humans are ok with. This is not to say that it would be ethical in an absolute sense, but I think that not much gets done if society adheres to strict moral absolutes.

If I get to chose, then yes, let’s bring them back. I think that it is worth it.

I agree. This can easily be exploited by a malicious mod. Since the original poster can still edit the title, it is better to just ask them.

Remember when Reddit’s CEO /u/spez decided to abuse his super-powers to edit user comments? That was not very well-received by the community.

I don’t think so. I think that we have to be aware of the limitations of boxing everyone into a “male” and “female” category, and we need to be accepting of those who don’t fit in those categories. We need to understand that many of the social scripts that we have built around those boxed categories are net negatives, and work to get rid of them.

I see that some people want to get rid of the “male” and “female” concept altogether because of the negatives, but those concepts do reflect objective biological principles even if they are not enough to capture all of the complexity of biological gender. They can be practically useful to many of us who do fit those boxed categories, and I am sure that there is a path forward were we can create an inclusive society without having to deny the concept of gender altogether.

So, I think the implementation of the concepts are outdated, but in my opinion they need more of an update and refinement rather than being fully phased out.

Visited the Amazon rainforest. I hope both me and the Amazon stay alive long enough to visit again

I like your answer, and my initial response was to agree with you. But after thinking about the metaphysical answer for a bit, I don’t think that it is so clear to me. Color does not come from the shape of molecules. The shape of molecules that rays of light bounce off will influence the range of wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation that ultimately reach our eyes, and our brain will interpret these signals in a way that gives rise to a conscious experience which we call color.

I see it two ways:

1: We define “color” as the electromagnetic fields themselves. So, a beam of 530 nm light is a green beam, and the “color” is defined objectively in this physical sense. The question then might be transformed into “what is more funtamental, the electromagnetic field or an arrangement of positions in space?” It is then not clear to me that colors are less fundamental than “shape”, because the electromagnetic interaction is one of the four fundamental forces, and it is possible to define and describe a zeroth dimensional case which requires no shape.

2: We define color as our conscious experience of light. Here we get into the hard problem of consciousness. We don’t know why we experience color. It appears that the processing of complex information gives rise through some almost super-natural and potentially un-knowable mechanism to our little movie in the head. But, if we don’t actually understand this magical jump that converts the dynamics of our brain into our consciousness, how can we say whether a physical concept (shape) or a qualitative concept (color) is more fundamental? It doesn’t seem so straight forward to me.

Have you had success correcting your bad posture?

I slouch a lot, so my shoulders are a bit rounded at my neutral posture. I have tried to get into the habit of doing wall glides, stretching my chest, doing back exercises, and sitting properly. But after quite a few years of testing strategies, tools, and trying to build consistent habits, I usuall…


Is there a simple way to remove a banned user's profile description?

A user was created in my instance to spam phishing links to some google sites that look like bank login sites and crypto wallets. I banned the user and removed their content, but the links were also added to the description in their profile page, and they still live there. Is there a way to delete t…