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The MAX_TITLE_LENGTH is applied to posts that are fetched from other instances using activitypub. The posts that are posted within an instance do not pass through that processing step.

Yup, this was fixed in version 0.0.24! No worries.

What version do you have? I think you have one of the older versions, you can find the latest one here:

I think that the newest update changed something such that the the instances that updated to 17.0 are no longer being recognized by the crawler. So the crawler hasn’t been updated to deal with the changes.

Great job figuring that out!

At some point it would be fun to work on some new guides anyway :-)

I think that if you use the new docker-compile file, the one that includes the NGINX block, then you might not need to go through the step of the nginx configuration.

I have not tested this myself though, but I can test it when I make the updated tutorial.

I can do that, but I can’t right now, I am very busy writing for my thesis unfortunately :/

If I manage to write enough tonight I might be able to do it tomorrow.

Oh no! It is possible to save your SSL certificates by simply copying the files into your computer, then you don’t need to run the certbot again.

Try removing the lemmy.conf file from /etc/nginx/sites-enabled,

And then run:

sudo wget /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/uebishe.conf

sudo systemctl restart nginx

Or, I have made an nginx config file that will work for you

If you already created an nginx configuration file, move it somewhere else. Then, get the new configuration file to the nginx folder, and then restart the nginx service by running these two commands:

sudo wget /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/uebishe.conf

sudo systemctl restart nginx

Ah! So you skipped this step:

Now i skip old step about “wget -O lemmy.conf”

You need to have the lemm.conf file under /etc/nginx/sites-enabled, this is the file that tells nginx how to manage the connection. Don’t skip that step! Get that file and modify it by adding your domain name

Sorry, I did not realize that these files had not yet been updated with the changes necessary for version 0.17.0, which are described here:

I could not find an example of the files configured correctly in github, so I have uploaded some example files. You get them this way:


Then modify the variables inside {}, like the domain name and the database password.

Remove the following blocks from the docker-compose file:

  # communication to web and clients
  # communication between lemmy services
    driver: bridge
    internal: true
    image: nginx:1-alpine
      - lemmyinternal
      - lemmyexternalproxy
      # only ports facing any connection from outside
      - 80:80 
      - 443:443
      - ./nginx.conf:/etc/nginx/nginx.conf:ro
      # setup your certbot and letsencrypt config 
      - ./certbot:/var/www/certbot
      - ./letsencrypt:/etc/letsencrypt/live
    restart: always
      - pictrs
      - lemmy-ui

And try again. Does it work?

Do you want to install a fresh instance, or do you want to upgrade an instance?

If you are installing fresh, most of that tutorial is still going to work out. But you now need to pull the config file this way:

wget lemmy.hjson

If you install the more recent docker version, you don’t have to install docker-compose the same way. Follow the instructions from the website, and use ‘docker compose’ instead of ‘docker-compose’.

The nginx configuration does not need to change.

What problems are you getting?

An issue was opened for that three days ago:

I don’t think it is possible through the UI at the moment.

Gracias! (Posted from Jerboa)

Oh, that looks like an error in your lemmy.hjson settings file. If you share that one too with the passwords redacted I can check.

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