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Yes, I experience it often. I really enjoy the sound of flakey pastries haha.

It looks like there was a comment deleted. I’ve never seen this before though.

I’m wondering if this is some sort of puzzle game.

YES, this is exactly what I am talking about. I take a great interest in psychology and this concept. We need to actively counteract the negativity. Optimistic is the way to be. We can fry food in the air.

I do feel inclined, thank you for the invite. I will wander over to beehaw.

Yes, exactly! It’s not shared enough. Unfortunately bad news gets the most attention it seems. I will definitely seek out positive news. I’m also trying to get my mental health support community more active.

Wow, logs take up a ridiculous amount of space!

Thanks, I do actively take care of my mental health. I was posting this more for other people than for myself. I think seeing too much negative news is having a negative impact on a lot of people.

When I notice my anxiety level increasing I need to take a break. I think it’s good to stay informed but I agree, it’s not healthy. Maybe we need to bring more positive news to lemmy. I also created a mental health support community.

Doom Scrolling

Do people want to see more positive posts? Do you feel the negative affects of doom scrolling?..


I like numbers in general. I don’t really have a favorite.

ASMR - Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

Does anyone else here have ASMR? I have it and would like to know other people’s experiences. What do you like? I find pulling crispy pastry strudel to be just wonderful. Crunching leaves as I walk. Pop-its. So many sounds…


I hope you will find the courage. It pays off!

Discussion on Perception

Do you ever wonder if the person you think you are is how others perceive you? For example: I was very shy when I was younger. I felt what I had to say wasn’t important so I didn’t talk. I learned that instead of seeming shy, people thought I was stuck up and “too good” to talk to them. It’s not abo…


Leveling up in the Fediverse

Before I met my boyfriend (seahorse) I hadn’t heard of Lemmy or the word Fediverse. I didn’t know there was this world of federated servers people could host independently that communicate with each other. I am by far not a techy. He told me he ran an instance. My response was exactly, "What is Lem…


Caring for Elderly Parent

How do you handle being the one out of your siblings who is caring for your parent? I am trying to accept that because I live here (since my mom’s injury) I do pretty much everything and will from now on. Why don’t siblings want to be around and help? I can’t change anyone. Trying to practice radica…