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If it’s bad, but a media you need to consume for whatever reason, it can be over faster

Is that a good thing? If the media is good, don’t you want time to think about it and ponder what might happen next?

Neither am I, but it’s a pretty decent article. Straight to the point with more details later.

It feels like upvotes don’t have enough weight in the algorithm, as the order is almost always newest-comments-first…


In most parts of the world, it tells us which bathroom to go into. If that’s something that’s sexist or needs to change, sure I won’t debate you on that, but I’ll definitely tell you that your priorities are whack.

I’m preparing by having the most fun I’ve ever had. Moving abroad, chilling with friends, and focusing on hobbies. If I was single maybe I’d be holding random girls at night too. YOLO

Sounds like it’s returning an HTML page with an error. Check the logs

Yea, it’s in South Korea. I had the chance to go, but didn’t. Regret is strong, never going to say no to something like this again ㅠㅠ

Can’t believe you brought up Seo Dan, I’m about to cry lmao. That show fucked me up. Excited to forget about it then watch it again.

What happened to Seo Dan was gut wrenching. My girlfriend actually just came back from a musical a few hours ago of the show. Here’s a never-seen-before online pic :D

Don’t strive for equality, strive for your goals. If your goals are an abstract idea you’re kinda weird dude

For me, I put my pride aside and watched K-Dramas.

After watching Crash Landing On You (Torrent Link), a story about a South Korean woman who finds herself in North Korea, my life was a complete emotional wreck for months. If I ever get Alzheimer’s, I’ll be happy knowing I can rewatch this continuously.

What are you glad you did before you died?

“debated more NATO shills/tankies on Lemmy” probably won’t be on that list…


As I learned quickly from /c/IsTaiwanACountry, Lemmy.ml isn’t here to create definitive lines and watch people walk up to them. They copy this policy on trolling, which sums it up to “Don’t piss us off” or “Don’t make us waste time moderating”.

Is it fair? No, but that’s not the point of this instance.

Defends racists? Check.

Doesn’t provide proof? Another check to my first point. You guys are feeding my ego here

Thinks poorly of commies? Check.

Misinterprets my comment? Another check to my first point. You guys are feeding my ego here

Doesn’t bother to investigate a situation before commenting on it? Check.

Skipped reading my comments? Another check to my first point. You guys are feeding my ego here

Congrats, you linked another 10 posts, none of which prove the banned guy was racist. Over half the posts you linked weren’t even from the banned guy. Stop wasting my time, you’re making me think very poorly of commies.

Also, for future reference, one strong point is a lot better than dumping links (or in this case, dumping a link to links to images that weren’t even relevant to the point at hand, which is you are yet to provide any proof Masterofballs is posting racist content).

Congrats on proving both my comments for the second post in a row. Also grats on being queer? Anyways, if you’re so confident you’re right, feel free to actually reply with links of the guy being racist (instead of just saying you did), because the only post I see you doing that has 3 links to… Content not posted by the guy and non-racist content.

Not that anyone found an example, but 10$ costs more than a shitcoin transaction fee

If you’re an ML like you’ve stated in the past, you know why and don’t need me to explain to you why fascism is unacceptable and how they leverage liberal discourse to gain footing.

This is exactly why non-MLs look at half the commies and shake their heads. If all you scream is “fascist” and literally refuse to explain, then all we gather is “They call people they don’t like fascists”. Then commies get mad the rest of us “can’t see” the proper way.

To hear incorrect views without rebutting them and even to hear counter-revolutionary remarks without reporting them, but instead to take them calmly as if nothing had happened. This is a sixth type.

How does this not counter your first point? If you don’t practice what you believe in when it actually matters, you don’t have beliefs, you have hobbies.

Edit: This thread has gone on for many comments. Read them for a laugh. Basically they never proved the original guy is racist, only got increasingly frustrated. Which is honestly surprising, since I believe the guy is probably a racist PoS, but all I asked for was proof of it.

How does it work, that Tor Project alone says which nodes/ Relays are malicious?

There’s different types of malicious nodes - Some for tracking, some for redirecting people to fake HTTPS sites (there was a case where an exit node was scamming Monero users by sending them to a fake exchange page, etc. Avoid this by using onion URLs where possible). There are undoubtedly some malicious tracking nodes, but as long as some of the network is legitimate, Tor can be secure.

How many bad/malicious Nodes are there in Tor? Are there good guesses?

Hard to say, but to be honest it’s not hard to spin up new nodes on a docker image through DigitalOcean so a temporary attack on Tor that controls a large part of the network would be pretty cheap. That said, there haven’t been any big court cases where someone was deanoned through Tor malicious nodes, so if it’s good enough for criminals, it’s good enough for regular people too

Why does almost noone use my Snowflake Proxy which i got in my browser as an extension?

What are your stats?

Is Tor going to implement fake traffic, so global surveilleince can’t break Tor easily because of the similarities of the traffic?

That’s generally not helpful, real traffic is better than fake traffic

This kind of explains the teeter-totter you see in comment sections, especially on posts that are a few days old but still on the front page thanks to Lemmy’s algorithm. …


What's An Easy Thing You Did That Made Your Life Easier?

A purchase, an app, a decision, anything…


MIT and BSD are cuckold licenses

I would say “change my mind” but I won’t. I spent 5 years believing *maybe* I was missing something about them, but no, these are licenses selected 49.5% of the time for the wrong reason, 49.5% of the time because the original project devs were cucks, and 1% of the time because they’re trying to r…


What are some easy ways to use your computer to "Give Back" to the FOSS community?

I’ve always wanted to run as many programs as possible that “Give back” to awesome developers who create things. I’ve got a few, but I’m looking for more.