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I keep on having to re add transparency so i figure someone should just upload it with transparency somewhere so it’s easier to make promotional material…


seems like 99% of the toxicity on Lemmy comes from 1% of the people

my experience too

Anarkiddie here, it’s good that you put effort into this post and it’s at least mostly good faith

I agree with lisko’s point (above) that some users will not be disciplined, but others will be, but i’m uncertain as to why some are considered the golden children. The problem users ive blocked aren’t disciplined by staff

Blocking the awful people for yourself is even worse because you don’t see the shit anymore, but new people will be confronted to it anyway as soon as they arrive.

Great insight!

It’s good that you’re asking questions but mate maybe make a ‘nsfl ask lemmy’ or like ‘ask lemmy after hours’ sub for these kind of super controversial questions. Not a good look for lemmy.ml’s biggest (?) sub to have such a controversial question here

I tried Beehaw, but gave up after seeing that the downvote button is disabled.

I like the sound of that.

Try perthchat, we have downvotes

I should probably do that since I work in tech and admitting that makes me feel foolish.

Here i’ll give you a eli5:

email. lemmgrad is gmail, lemmy.ml is yahoo, lemmy.perthchat.org is hotmail

there, now you don’t have to feel foolish :P


Judging from the name of this, I assume that it’s whole disc encryption. You know, that option when setting up the computer about whether I want to encrypt

It’s because Android is more secure and each apps file access is sandboxed while in Ubuntu any app can access any file

This sound superior. Do you know why the Ubuntu dev didn’t put this in too?

I have my whole disk encrypted, and I specifically encrypted a few folders. Basically my opsec, when acquitances are using my computer, I don’t want them to access my porn folders certain folders.