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Not often enough. I need to remind myself that reddit is a ridiculously ⬜ space that is so far from being genuinely understanding of the shit POCs deal with. I actually feel bad for not going on Lemmy as much-- I just wish the site was more popping.

For the same reason a lot of people prefer cities over towns.


Source: Me, just had a fantastic mango and thought "if everyone tasted this mango, it would be their most loved fruit"

Depends on a lot of factors related to the environment, i.e. pollution types, viability of water treatment, food sources and what their growth is reliant on, equipment and what their maintenance is reliant on (i.e. parts/consumables ideally not reliant on regions in heavy conflict).

I’ve never been in a war zone but I have been in one of the country’s worst natural disasters (along with several smaller ones) and what I learned from those experiences is not to trust anyone who refuses to understand the importance of fluid decision-making in complex life or death scenarios, instead rigidly adhering to a fixed plan they had developed long before the emergency situation happened. It ends up slowing them down far more than anything and creates loads of avoidable problems in the name of consistency.

That’s not to say one shouldn’t have a plan but if it relies on taking route A to escape and route A is on fire, the people who blindly say "STICK TO THE PLAN" without recognizing that the plan requires adaptation, they’re not to be trusted because they possess a theoretical understanding of the situation, not a practical understanding.

Far too often people who confidently think their plan A will work, end up dying because they foolishly downplayed the need for adapting/abandoning their plan in the face of impending doom. Wildfires in particular have resulted in entire families burning to death-- wealthy families who were convinced their various expensive, extensive precautionary methods were foolproof but learned the hard way that mother nature can very quickly make a mockery of the measures humans take.

Thaank you, glad I’m not the only one who feels lost trying to navigate Peertube…

I wouldn’t consider myself a “content creator” but I do post YouTube videos and I wouldn’t be upset at all if people watched my videos through something like FreeTube or NewPipe. I just want people to see/hear what I’m posting.

The fact that it would be an absurdly privileged thing for me to do and would involve me leaving behind a lot of people I can help. I understand other people have their own valid reasons to move and I don’t judge them for it but for me personally, I don’t think it would be the right thing to do.

Yep, I’m starting to notice that. Disappointing.

I have no clue how to make a PeerTube account. I’m trying to do that now and it’s asking me to choose an “instance” without explaining what that is. Then when I click the topics relevant to my videos, either no instances show up or those that do have a puny amount of users like 30.

edit: The video finally made it to Odysee. It is here

Yeah I’m looking into PeerTube now and it’s pretty confusing compared to YouTube or Odysee. Like it’s telling me to choose an instance, without even explaining what an instance is… and then when I click the relevant topics… no instances pop up.

I really wish YouTube’s alternatives could understand why stuff like this ends up being a massive barrier for regular people. This is frustrating. I managed to upload my video to Odysee but now it’s stuck in this nebulous “confirming” page. So disappointing.

I just tried to post my video to Odysee and it keeps failing…

What is the best alternative to YouTube?

I recently posted a video of the Jaleel Stallings case but a number of people without Google accounts want to see the video, and so I’d like to post it on another platform. Any recommendations?..


Why can’t you answer my very simple question? I was courteous enough to answer yours, so why are you unable to reciprocate?

Great. Seems to me a lot of leftists prefer painting themselves into a corner and then wonder why leftist spaces are lacking. Disappointing but unsurprising. Deleting this thread now, thanks for wasting my time.

I mean, you didn’t even start by saying there isn’t a Lemmy Discord. You immediately just recommended something else instead of even thinking about why I asked for a Discord specifically.

I think this is out of discussion already. No Lemmy Discord and I don’t want it in any form.

Great, so why are you here in this thread? You don’t want Lemmy on Discord but I clearly do. Do you go to basketball communities and complain about how you don’t care about basketball? What a strange, strange way to inject yourself into a discussion.

I’m interested in reaching a large amount of people, not a tiny amount of people. I’m interested in a Lemmy Discord for specific reasons and disinterested in small platforms for similar reasons.

By that reasoning, lemmy and the rest of the fediverse is also just for privileged leftists?

You realize most of us use Lemmy AND reddit, right?

Also, how do you equate this with any type of political ideology?

Because Lemmy is a space for leftists and I’ve seen countless discussions like this where instead of getting off their high horse to reach more working class people, privileged leftists insist on staying in the corner in niche spaces and not reaching out.

You made a post in c/asklemmy asking about lemmy discussions on a different platform, not “is there a discord room that aligns with my specific political ideology”.

Given the fact that Lemmy is a leftists space, it was implied that a Lemmy Discord would align with leftist ideologies. Or are you confused about whether Lemmy is for leftists?

Also equating discord with walmart isn’t quite accurate, since people go to wal mart because there are no alternatives.

I said no viable alternatives, not no alternatives. This is the Linux argument all over again.

Discord is where most working class people are online though, and it’s a shame so many privileged leftists act like Goldilocks when it comes to how they reach out to working class people.

Should we do the classic IT guy thing where I recommend to people a niche, barely used but superior alternative that they inevitably never use? I’m totally sure if I pitch “Lemmy project matrix rooms”, I’m likely to reach a large amount of working class people…

It really sucks how privileged and picky some leftists are. Wal Mart is terrible too-- do you judge working class leftists for shopping there when it’s the only viable option?

I spent some time yesterday trying to verify this claim and can’t find anything. I asked a friend of mine who is a historian if she could verify this claim and she was not able to. She pointed me to a paper called “Agrarian Collectives during the Spanish Revolution and Civil War” by Michael Seidman but it too did not have any information about people in anarchist Spain making 50% less income than people without.

Do you have a source or direction you can point me to for this claim?

Your comment reminds me of the scene in Seinfeld’s “The Limo” episode where George is talking about how attractive the neo-Nazi who thinks he’s the Aryan leader is. And Jerry has to remind him…

"she’s a NAZI George… A NAZI!"

I know this is the autism community but as someone with ASD and ADHD, I thought people here might appreciate this video. There tends to be an overlap between the two…


How do I filter a community?

There’s a certain community there that I’d like to filter because a) I find the content/discussions to just be generally awful circlejerky nonsense and b) it’s polluting the “All” section that I like to browse…


Does anyone else have difficulty remembering to eat/drink regularly? If you have fixed this, what methods would you recommend?

All my life I’ve been been slim/athletic, but it’s had far little to do with any kind of discipline and far more to do with me constantly forgetting to eat/drink regularly, plus sports. I’m tall too so that’s always helped a lot. …