Spanish guy, who likes open source software and has just discovered the fediverse (as of 28th of April, 2022). I like video games, and indie and retro music. I’m a student.


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Hello. I fixed Spanish subtitles, but somehow I can’t see them fixed on the video yet.

In fact, it’s Spanish translation what I’m going to fix. But thanks anyway.

Where is the file/page for the subtitles? There are some mistakes in the text.

Those rules apply to, not to lemmy as a whole. For example, I’m in, and these are its rules.

I read that article yesterday. Apparently, William Shatner couldn’t find an account from Twitter, who also tried to register on Mastodon, or something like that.

The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) launches today the public pilot phase of two social media platforms: EU Voice and EU Video.

The launch of the pilot phase of EU Voice and EU Video will help the EDPS to test the platforms in practice by collecting feedback from participating EUIs. The EDPS hopes that this first step will mark a continuity in the use of privacy-compliant social media platforms.

It’s a start, and I’m happy about that. Let’s see how it develops, and if more EU institutions join the fediverse in the future.

Data permanence has to be important, because of what people have already said about usefulness. But, well, I don’t know if this is possible, but I think old posts have to be blocked for new votes and comments. Maybe 6 months old or 1 year old.