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The way I see it, they ruined ads for themselves and it’s not our fault for hating them enough to want to get rid of them. If ads didn’t make the web literally unusable, steal our data, consume more system resources than the site itself, and be a portal for malware, people would be more accepting of them to support websites.

This is a textbook greed leads to ruin tale, like cyberpunk Aesop.

Short answer: you can’t be because Lemmy and cPanel are based on different software architectures.

Long answer: First, as far as I know cPanel can only deploy PHP app, which most open source forums are. Lemmy is written in Rust and is executed differently to generate a website. Second, Lemmy has its own server that connects to the web host’s server in a process called reverse proxying, and it does this by having a main “Lemmy” program constantly running as long as the site is live, just like the web server it connects to. This works very differently from PHP, where each webpage is a separate very small program that runs when the page is called, and then exits when the page render is complete.

Honestly, their “make money while you browse while making money for your favorite websites all while maintaining privacy” thing is so on the nose for “too good to be true” that I’m genuinely disappointed by how many people who are supposedly pro privacy and FLOSS development fall for it. If someone promises the world, they’re almost always either misguidedly deceiving themselves, or maliciously deceiving you.

I’ve never seen any real benefit of Brave over just the vanilla unGoogled Chromium fork if you really do want Chromium, or Firefox/one of the unMozilla’d forks if you want just any engine.

It’s really hard to search for or browse past topics when it’s one stream of messages. Also really hard to follow up on past topics with more discussion later on or have two groups discussing two different topics simultaneously.

Zoom and Epic Games are still definitely US companies, as are their shitty practices. A small minority share by a Chinese company does not make it “controlled by the seeseepee”.

I wrote a bash script to help me with a tedious task yesterday. So… That?

Not necessarily. You’re thinking of liquid hydrogen, which is definitely widely used, but almost all consumer hydrogen powered stuff, like cars, use compressed hydrogen, which is the same as the compressed natural gas you get from the municipal mainlines. Actually, compressed natural gas is used in vehicles too, but usually busses and trucks and not so much personal cars.

If hydrogen fuel ends up being viable, they can be converted to carry that.

I go on YouTube, Discord, Lemmy (and sometimes Reddit) and it DOES NOT HELP! Hope that helps!

Would be great, except there are almost no local businesses anymore. Everything’s a franchise, in fact, a tactic that’s becoming increasingly popular is for corporate stores to disguise themselves as mom and pop shops. Local shops are effectively dead. Capitalism killed it.

you get the jest of it.

Yes I do.

Your comment and stance is a joke.

I was told today that China puts all journalists in jail and that’s why you never see any.

Everyone from the BBC to the World Bank to Disney have been to China, it’s not restricted to outside journalism, at all. Chinese journalists have also reported on things outside China.

Just a few examples.

China offers EU a visit to Xinjiang, EU is is the one that says no:

An interview with Chinese traffic police:

WHO Doctors go to China:

Pakistani Diplomat goes too:

You can, you know, also search for articles on the mainstream Western news sites where they go to China. They’re not rare. Actually, the fact a lot of the time they report on something in China without even having anyone there is pretty telling of how low effort their reporting are.

I don’t know of any Chinese journalists so I couldn’t argue.

That’s not how burden of proof works. You don’t get go make a claim and then go “well can you disprove it? No? Must be true then!”

Not to mention, yes I can disprove it.

Hey, did you know that China committed genocide on the fairy population? Have you seen any fairies? No? It’s because China killed them all! If you want to dispute me on this show me a living fairy, you can’t can you?

So why does China block their content? And is it only to the west or the whole world?

China’s content is blocked to the rest of the world how exactly?

Conversation probably went something like “Do you want the eeevil seeseepee to control you? No? Use our wholesome American platform!”

Because Xiaomi isn’t as big of a competitor to Western companies than Huawei. Huawei produces servers, networking equipment, and other enterprise level tech, and they’re both very good at it and only one of a handful of companies producing some of the stuff they do (the other ones being Western companies). Xiaomi produces mostly consumer electronics that frankly is barely relevant in the West compared to Western companies because there is so much more competition from others.

Basically, if you can eliminate one player out of five where you have your fingers in the other four, that’s way more beneficial to you than trying to eliminate one player out of five hundred, even if you have your fingers in all 499 other ones.

Not including combinations like: Newpipe + VLC

Straight up NewPipe then?

No seriously, it has literally everything you’re asking for. Access to a ton of songs, podcasts, and more, and integrated player that works in the background, downloading to mp3 and opus files offline, recommendations in the form of related videos, open source frontend.

The old reliable:

  1. Torrent or otherwise pirate mp3s

  2. Play using open source media player

I’ve honestly not found a better option, at least for my preferences.

Most English Lemmy Instances Does Not Offer Register Now Service

Because, we’ve had multiple brigades from probably 4chan with people posting Nazi propaganda, and, I wish I was making this up, gore and scat porn. Literally as soon as an instance pops up it gets flooded with that. Which prompts established instances to block it until it restricts signups.

If You Dig Deeper You Will Find that a lot of the instances in the page block other instances, meaning even if the user could register at one instances he will not be able to even interact With the whole community.

Working as intended. #wontfix The whole point of the fediverse is, your server talks to who you want to talk to and block who you want to block.

We don’t want a few huge “catch-all” instances where literally everyone goes. We want many, small, niche instances. Again, that’s the point of the fediverse. We don’t want to be just like the mainstream social medias but with a decentralisation gimmick, we want the decentralisation to be meaningful.

What's the best DVD ripping software for Linux and how the hell do you even get it installed?

I’m looking to make a complete backup of my family’s DVD and CD libraries by turning them into plain unencrypted media files that can just be played by whatever software. And I just might create torrents for some of the ones that don’t already have established highly seeded torrents.


How much computing power and storage space is your instance using?

I’m really curious as to what kind of power it takes to run Lemmy. I know it’s pretty light, but how light? Especially curious about tge larger instances like and Lemmygrad. What kind of CPU are you using and how much of that CPU is occupied? How much ram? How much internet bandwidth? How m…


How much computing power and storage space is your instance using?

I’m really curious as to what kind of power it takes to run Lemmy. I know it’s pretty light, but how light? Especially curious about tge larger instances like and Lemmygrad. What kind of CPU are you using and how much of that CPU is occupied? How much ram? How much internet bandwidth? How m…


What's the fediverse equivalent to art and literature sharing sites like Deviantart and Wattpad?

I like the concepts of both platforms, Deviantart and Wattpad, but both have been going down the tubes, and the argument can be made that they have always had a pretty big cringe problem. …


Is there a fediverse platform similar to Tumblr?

I think Tumblr has a pretty unique style in terms of how it works. Even though it’s completely centralised, it already almost feels like it’s federated. So is there an actual fediverse platform that’s similar to it?..