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More so, their mirroring from Gemini, not the other way around

Someone said

Ad blockers are a self defense technology by nature

Add ads in small quantities to your website that respect me and my privacy and I might just whitelist you, but at this point the internet is unusable without AdBlock

I support this, but you might have more luck at c/lemmy_request

Do you hate raids?!

Hey all, if you notice any comments that clearly don’t belong here please hit the report button! In the next few days I will be checking in every few hours to ensure this community is in tip top shape. …


!dessalines@lemmy.ml , I don’t like the tag spam, repo is popular, what ever this writing is is not good for the community though!

[Mod] What is your vision for asklemmy?

Hey! Back after a large break from lemmy and after returning to the community it seems it is more advice focused: what is the best way to learn programming vs story focused what is a bad mistake when you started programming. …


What is your favorite open source software?

Save for lemmy, duh…