Adora got left in lemmygrad, and I’m now stuck in this place with ya’ll, so its just me for now.

Cats are arguably better than dogs, despite their medically proven psychosis


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But you’re right I’ll point people over to for now.

… beehaw…

every post about Ukraine or vaguely naming China or Taïwan turns into a nightmare.

on that we agree

We have to collectively push beyond its limiting spectrum.

I know you think its progressive to be centrist, but its really not.

No, I love throwing them around, doesn’t mean I should, doesn’t mean I will. Is this some sad attempt at a gotcha?

I think these people honestly think they are “fighting authoritarianism” by dunking on us. They done nothing but give us more attention.

Thats because this is an account for lemmygrad

Other than that, you totally got me saying word “bs”. Wow, the audacity of me. This totally nullifies everything I can ever say.

I have absolutely no care for curse words, I love throwing them around. You are the one who cares. I am confronting you for your pro-UK rant

All I’m hearing is “muh centrism”

Could any of you genocide deniers make an argument about why the people of Xinjiang should stay in their concentration camps without bringing up America’s past sins?

Genocided so hard their population rapidly increases lol

I am attacking the cult of liberalism. Diminishing my ideas to that of a cult hurts, but for someone in one themselves, I guess its the best you can do against the Ideals of socialism

It would be better to contrast the diverse narratives that exist and deduce some synthesis out of them (which still wouldn’t be close to your proclaimed objective truth).

the problem is that you think western media is diverse. They are either right wing spewing nonsense posts, or Controlled by the CIA, or both. Do you know what operation mockingbird was?

lemmy nationalism is a thing now, huh

C’mon, people, if there are your potential supporters, they are here. You don’t gain followers with harassment. This toxicity is totally counter productive here even for your own cause.

Your opinions on the UK should be considered toxicity in itself.

that whole thing was you, wasn’t it?

Comrades! I comment for the algorithm, may more of us see this insanity and come to our aid!

anything that shows class consciousness. Asking for you to avoid political talks for the past 100 years would be disingenuous.

like seriously, I am tired of literally saying the same like 5 things all the goddamn time.


We have fans? Is this guy saying we are the fans? what is going on!

I’m half serious, half wanting to post my propaganda posters cause I’m bored.