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This whole thread proves my point. Goodbye Lemmy.

To discover new non political content sometimes you must browse /all and it’s not a cool experience at all.

Sometimes I like to browse /all so I can discover new communities. I confess tho i’m less and less interested in doing that every day it passes.

To me, the issue is how politics flood the site. If you browse all, 90% of the content is communism. Many posts just low effort crap or propaganda. I don’t come here to read about politics, but about the rest of stuff such as games, science, entertainment… but almoat everything is politics. And it really turns me (and surely many other people) off. I’m seriously considering deleting my account. Not to go back to reddit, I won’t go back there. But if the alternative is this… I rather live without it.

I only block spammers until their accounts get removed. However, I try to avoid as much as possible any political instance or talk. People here tend to be… too passionate about these arguments and I come here to read stuff that I’m interested in, not to be brainwashed about whatever political view you have.

The reality in the whole developed world is that of having a strong social welfare service while having a military spending that’s just the bare minimum needed. Priorities I guess.

How can Americans claim that their capital slavery is freedom is beyond me; but I find amusing that they look at Europe claiming they are living in a feudal society while not seeing how dependant they are on the capital.

I’m happy to live without the risk of going bankruptcy for going to the hospital. Can you say the same?