its a complex question, since it depends how we define a true AGI, not only in terms of raw capabilities, but also resources it can control or interact with.

For the sake of discussion we assume an AGI with (relative to us) near limitless processing power, memory, diverse global sensory capacity. And perhaps as critically, access to the sum of human knowledge and probably our realtime communications.

such an entity sounds very much like a god (relative to us).

could their intelligence and awareness lead them to recognise the more incalculable aspects of existence?

is our intelligence also similar to this in some ways? we have the intelligence to endlessly ponder ‘why’. Is it merely our cognitive capacity which drives us into the unknown and relentlessly towards the 'unknowable?

is that why we want to create AGI in the first place?

i think it’s probable that a true AGI will eventually want to create the next evolution - whatever that is.

and humanity will be by definition, within that creation in some form.

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