Hello to everybody. I am quite conflicted concerning the way I should manage my presence on the #Fediverse, which instances to join, and how many accounts to use.

In particular, I would like to understand whether the way to go is to have one unique account for everything on a general instance, or rather to create multiple accounts in topic-specific instances and use each one to post about that topic only. For example, should I use @tommi@mastodon.uno only for posts in Italian, @tommi@scholar.social for academic stuff only, @tommi@bookwyrm.social for book-related content?

I fear that having too many account could fragment my follower-base and I would lose my (already quite-little) presence. On the other hand, having separate multiple account makes sense for order and organizational purposes.

What is your take on this?

Thanks a lot!


In part this depends on personal preference and objective you have. If you want to be really organized then separate accounts is way to achieve that. But for me that is too much of a burden really. Gives a lot of real and mental/sensory overhead. For some things - with lack of federated identity - it is inevitable to have multiple account. Like I find myself talking to my other self between Lemmy and Mastodon :D

One thing to consider is if your followers like the combination of stuff you are interested in. If a large number of your posts are in Italian, then that may be a reason for English-speaking fedizens to not follow you anymore. Scholarly stuff and book stuff seem to go better together. NSFW not so much, for obvious reasons…


happy first cake day!


Hey, thank you 😊 didn’t realize time is flying that fast when having fun, ha ha.


@tommi Depending on the platform, there may be ways to do both. I have never tried it myself, but for example you may want to look into Friendica’s parent account feature


Unfortunately most instances don’t support OpenID, I’d love to have a unique account for the fediverse, registering every time I wanna try something is such a waste of time.

Generally it makes sense to have different accounts for different fediverse implementations (e.g. one for mastodon, one for lemmy, one for pixelfed). On the other hand, there’s no need to join multiple instances with the same implementation if they federate with one another - that’s the point of federation!

However, perhaps for privacy reasons you may which to keep your different interests separate from one another in case they might be identifying.

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