I adore Barinsta, but lately when I’ve used it, I get rate limited and have to change my password and all that jazz. I’ve had to uninstall it because of this. I hate Instagram, but everyone (friends and artists) use it, and I want to keep up with them. Has anyone made a fork of it yet without the rate limiting issue, or is that beyond control? Additionally, are there any good alternatives to it? I’d prefer one where I can login, since I have friends I want to interact with, but if the rate limiting thing impacts all apps that have login, I guess I can use one without login.

I think Instagram just goes the extra mile to make sure that alternative frontends don’t work. Bibliogram breaks A LOT though I still thank them for their service.

@ksynwa @yourliftingfriend Instagram even screws over people not logged in. After a bit of scrolling it forces you to login to see the rest of the posts. They are literially limiting who can see your posts, even though many people think instagram is how they share things like their creative works with the world.

Regarding Instagram’s methods for limiting access to non-logged-in users, I have been able to work around them to some extent.

If you click on a post while viewing a profile and Instagram asks you to log in, you can instead right click on the post and open it in a new tab.

If you scroll down while viewing a profile and Instagram asks you to log in, you can use uBlock Origin’s zap tool to remove the pop-up message and dark translucent background. The should load normally when you scroll after that.

Bibliogram breaks A LOT though I still thank them for their service.

I’ve never been able to get even a single instance to work :(

I’m also looking for something like this, but it’s hard. Facebook is really hostile to apps like this, far more than say google, reddit or twitter.

Mr. Upsy

Frost is good for Facebook, but it’s because it’s technically a browser IIRC.

Please educate friends and artists about how you struggle with this. Not belittling or berating them, just telling them your way of life makes it hard to be connected to them. Maybe some will understand?

Mr. Upsy

Believe me, I try; it’s always the same responses, though. Either they find the fediverse too confusing, or they cling to Insta since all of their friends and artists use it.

You can use the progressive web app, although it’s features are more limited than the native app.

I don’t use this, but maybe you can found it here https://alternativeto.net/software/barinsta/

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