Welcome to Lemmy, I’m one of the devs and admins for this instance. …


Multilingual (german/english) movie torrents

Hey guys! I hope you can help me out on this like the last time I was looking fir help :) …


rick and morty season 6 episode 1

Where can I search for rick and morty? I’m new to this. Any advice would be appreciated! …



Why does Invidious download so slowly!? It takes me a WHOLE ENTIRE MINUTE to download a megabyte!..



I love books, I own an ereader (a kindle) and while I would love to support culture I’m not giving Amazon a single cent. Any site recomendations for ebooks? …


Serie A TIM and DAZN, respectively the biggest annual football championship in Italy and the only affiliated legal livestreamer, recently launched an anti-piracy campaign on social media.
The campaign features a poster image, picturing a dilapidated stadium, and two text lines reading "Piracy kill…


Is there a torrent with all fiction books in libgen?

So I don’t have to download each book when I want it, I would like to download everything as I’ve seen it’s 2.7 TiB from the total of 121.2 TiB: Size of Libgen, March 2021: 121.2 TiB


Do all p2p protocols require a list of addresses to connect to more peers? Where to find them?

I’m using mldonkey which supports many p2p protocols. For the edonkey protocol it required a server.met.gz file to connect to more servers. Do I need something like that for the rest of the netwroks? overnet, kademlia, bittorrent, opennap, soulseek, gnutella, gnutella2, fasttrack, directconnect, f…


libby: a simple CLI tool to quickly download books from libgen (Library Genesis)

libby scrapes Library Genesis with curl and pup and gives you a list of downloads with fzf. I made this because I felt the alternatives were too slow. Feel free to add issues/feature requests/PRs! …


Welcome to /c/piracy

No netflix or streaming services landlubbers allowed, this is pirates territory.

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