European public services should actively contribute to the long-term sustainability of the open source software they use, by supporting long-term maintenance projects rather than purely focusing on new projects. This is one of the key findings of the FOSSEPS Critical Software Study Report published…


National code repository rolled-out to facilitate local cooperation…


Videos from the recent Community Leadership Conference are now online for anyone interested in learning about interacting with or integrating into Free and Open Source Software communities…


The Commission and Nextcloud have awarded EUR 5,000 to a software developer based in Austria. He contributed a map-sharing application to Nextcloud that makes it easy for users to collaborate on geographic maps, and then share these with others…


Fork(s) of or alternatives to Frost?

I’ve noticed that, unfortunately, Frost is becoming less and less functional. More pages give error, and the chat isn’t working properly either. It seems like it’s finally puttering out from inactive maintenance as FB continues to grow and change. …


There is no “software supply chain” —

This is where the supply chain metaphor — and it is just that, a metaphor — breaks down. If a microchip vendor enters an agreement and fails to uphold it, the vendor’s customers have recourse. If an open source maintainer leaves a project unmaintained for whatever reason, that’s not the maintainer…


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