Not receiving emails

I ticked the box for email notifications but I’m not getting any emails…


context - button: 404 Page

If you click on the “context” button within, you basically get a 404 page. If you click this when the post was published from another community, it works. Do you know why?..


Can't upload images

Hey. I just installed a lemmy instance via YunoHost and I can’t upload images. This includes an icon and banner for the instance. I get a SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data…


  • poVoq
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Webhook support?

Is there some sort of webhook support in Lemmy to automatically push new posts to a chat channel for example? …


  • Jonny
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Still Sync issues with mp-tube channels

Hi, I still have sync issues with The subscribed Peer Tube instances. …


Searching only in one community does not work for me

The GUI of the search page indicates that it is possible too search only in one special community. When I select for example this community I get search results from many other communities. …


Lemmy instances near france similar to

I can’t connect to any longer unless I’m using tor. So I want to find another instance that federates with as many other instances as possible and that is near france. Which one would you recommend?..


JSON API endpoint for communities?

Does Lemmy have some public JSON API to query information about communities? …


  • NXL
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Do votes from instances that aren’t federated with your instance still affect the score on posts you do federate with?

For example, if im on an instance that only federates with instances in an allowlist can someone create an instance of bots to downvote things in the instance and affect the score of the posts that users on my instance can see? …


  • poVoq
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Lemmy Pict-rs storage requirements?

I might take over one of these one-year-free hosted Lemmy instances on my server infrastructure, but I read several times now that Lemmy’s image hosting system Pict-rs is using a lot of storage quickly. …


Is there an easy way to set up a CDN?

Hi everyone, we want to set up a cdn in order to avoid hosting the images in our instance…



I’m not 100% certain that’s the cause, but my testing so far suggests it’s probably that. Basically if you have a URL that doesn’t point to the original resource, but some copy of it on another instance, it won’t resolve. So far I’ve only tested that on a third instance, but from my experience with …


The name, logo, description and sidebar changes when I restart docker or the server

Hello, I spun up my instance and when I was doing the initial setup I got an error “Server already exists”. I reloaded the page and realized that the server was a copy of I was really confused since I didn’t do anything. I didn’t even federated with that instance. After…


  • Jae
  • 1M
Federation sync problems

Hey there,
It seems from my instance, I don’t receive everything posted on other instances…


Have there been any reports concerning troublesome bot accounts on Lemmy instances?

This is a fairly concerning problem with Reddit, for example. Are there similar concerns here?..


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