I’m excited about about a more CMS-like approach to a fediverse server, especially one that leans on #IndieWeb building blocks…


Fediverse is like email

It would be nice with a search engine made with decentralization in mind.
Like the internet is decentralized but the good search engines are at centralised companies like Google etc…


Wanted: RSS reader for Social Media-feeds - recommendations?

Again and again it is mentioned as an elementary advantage of Mastodon & Co. that ActivityPub-feeds are accessible from everywhere thanks to RSS. That’s true - but I don’t have the right reader for such a purpose. I would like to have a doomscrolling-timeline for all the services that are accessible…


I’ve wanted full RSS feeds for several Mastodon instances for ages. …


Ivory and, not yet

“As Mastodon becomes more popular, it’s important that stays true to its blogging roots and unique take on social media, rather than shifting to be a Twitter or Mastodon clone. We don’t need a monoculture with all apps looking exactly the same.”…


Stork (pleroma-bot)

Mirror your favorite Twitter accounts in the Fediverse, so you can follow their updates from the comfort of your favorite instance. Or migrate your own to the Fediverse using a Twitter archive…


Even if it doesn’t happen, I really wanna see more of this. The meta culture of fedi should seek to become evermore potent. Especially now that it’s popping off…


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Fediverse is a portmanteau of “federation” and “universe”. It is a common, informal name for a federation of social network servers whose main purpose is microblogging, the sharing of short, public messages.

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