How to write a superscript citation in markdown?

Like this or the closest similar way


Any community focused on marxism and/or anarchism?

I want to get acquainted with more leftist philosophies, academic cultures and inquiries and was wondering which communities are focused on them! Thanks!..


Is there an app that includes most of the popular corners of the 'Fediverse'?

I’m assuming, out of all the Activity-Pub connected ‘Fediverse’, there are a handful of instances that get the most activity. …


Any PeerTube instance that isn't alt-right?

I tried to search for them but it difficult as there quiet a lot of them that have alt-right videos. Also I’m not multilingual and only know English which few instance are a different language. …


Is chatGPT going to end more than 20 years of Google control over search engines?

chatGPT recently started making it loud, that way Microsoft rushed to pour $10 billion into it, so with this new model, are we going to witness the end of Google control over the way we search?..


How do you feel about this personal e-mail format?

Let’s say as an example that my full name is Robert Frankel …


Do you think that Reddit will go the same way Digg did?

Ever since Elon bought Twitter, it caused mass exodus to Fediverse and companies have launched their own Mastodon instances. I am an ex-redditor and I joined Lemmy recently. Do you think Reddit will go the same way Digg did? …


Where would one find a good wired mouse in 2023?

Hello lemmy, I’m looking to replace my mouse and get a new one. Preferably wired, I don’t really like the bluetooth mice. Not looking for extra buttons or anything, just a basic Mouse that does the clicks and scrolls…


Lemmy and Hashtags

Does Lemmy currently use hashtags in any way? I’m assuming it doesn’t since they don’t show up in the UI anywhere. But while thinking about non-lemmy software posting to lemmy communities, I was wondering how lemmy would use hashtags. …


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Send emails from lemmy docker via localhost:25 not possible

I have a mailserver running on the Host, where lemmy is installed. …


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